The Self-Government of the Kuyavia and Pomerania Voivodeship is a patron of the Paderewski Music Association

The Bydgoszcz City Hall is a patron of the Paderewski Music Association

The Competition is a member of the Alink - Argerich Foundation since 2004.

The Competition is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions based in Geneva since 2010.


Laureates of the VIII International Paderewski Piano Competition
Laureates of the
VIII International Paderewski Piano Competition
 I nagroda - Eduard Kunz
II nagroda - Hyun Jung Kim
III nagroda (ex aequo):
Michał Szymanowski
Sergey Redkin  
Wyróżnienie - Denis Evstyukhin

I prize - 30 000 Euro - Eduard Kunz, Russia
Born on October 30th, 1980. Graduated from the Royal Northern College
of Music. Gave concerts in
Germany, Great Britain
2010 – I prize at the New Orleans International Piano Competition.
2009 – I prize at the San Nicola di Bari International Piano Competition.
2008 – I prize at the Pinerolo International Piano Competition.
1 000 Euro - for the best Semi-final recital 


- 24.11.2010 – recital in Warsaw Philharmonic
- Chopin Foundation in Miami - recital in Miami
- Polish Music Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles - recital in  Paso Robles and Los Angeles
- Liszt Competition Foundation – recital
- Polish Embassy – concert of 1st prize winner in the Hague, Netherlands
- The Arthur Rubinstein International Music Foundation – recital in Łódź
- Recital at the 66. International Chopin Festival in Duszniki Zdrój
II prize 15 000 Euro -  Hyun Jung Kim, Korea


Born on April 4th, 1991. Study at the Korean National University
of Arts, 2004. Gave concerts in Korea.

2009 – V prize at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition.
2008 – II prize at the Taipei Chopin International Piano Competition.
2008 I prize at the Asia Chopin International Piano Competition.


 1 000 Euro - for the best piano quintet


- 24.11.2010 – recital in Warsaw Philharmonic
- Centrum Paderewskiego Tarnów – Kąśna Dolna- recital in Paderewski Manor in Kąśna Dolna
- The ANIMATO Association in Paris - recital at the Cortot Hall in Paris
III prize (ex aequo) - 7 000 Euro - Sergey Redkin, Russia
Born on October 27th, 1991. Study at the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory. Gave concerts in Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland.

2010 – I prize at the Chopin 2010 Piano Competition in Saint-Petersburg Conservatory.

2008 – I prize at the International Competition of Young Musicians “New names” with the trio Juventa, Moscow.

2008 – laureate of the International Competition of Chamber Ensemble and Piano Duets named after Shostakovich with the trio “Juventa”, Moscow.


- 1 000 $ - Jerzy Kolanowski’s prize – for the best Chopin ‘s performance
- Concert in the Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Hall
III prize  (ex aequo) - 7 000 Euro - Michal Szymanowski, Poland
Born on July 27th, 1988. Study at the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz. Gave concerts in Poland, Ukraine and Switzerland.
2008 – II prize at the Polish Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.
2007 – honourable mention at the Chopin Festival in Konin.
2007 – V prize at the International Horowitz Competition for Young Pianists in Kiev.
1 000 Euro - for the best Polish participant
- 24.11.2010 – recital in Warsaw Philharmonic
- Polish Intitute in Sofia – recital
- Polish Intitute in Madrid – recital
- Casa Sanguszko de Cultura Polonesa – recitals in the greates cities of Brazil
- Polish Embassy and Chopin Association in Zagreb - recital in Zagreb
- Polish Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium – recital in 2011
- 26.01.2011 – recital in Belvedere
Honourable mention - 2 500 Euro - Denis Evystyukhin, Russia
Born on February 2nd, 1981. Graduated from the Hamline University
St. Paul, Minnesota. Gave concerts in Germany, Austria, Spain, Russia, France, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Estonia and USA.
2009 – I prize at the Iowa Piano Competition, USA.
2007 – II prize at the Andorra International Piano Competition.
2006 – II prize at the Balakirev International Competition, Russia.


- Toruń City Hall – the Toruń Prize - recital in Toruń


- Recital at the Festival de Musique de Menton


The International Paderewski Piano Competition is co-organized by the Project“Cultural Menu of Kujawsko-Pomorskie”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Funds within the Regional Operational Programme for Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013.